In some Ichat-sites there is a lot of trouble.

Coused by flooding or Crashing.

When being flooded you can do 2 things.

  1. Ignore that user by typing : /ignore add USERNAME
  2. if that doesn't work or you don't know who's flooding you try typing :
    /ignore add YOURNICK

When your being crashed you can do 2 things aswell.

  1. Login again using JAVA or JAVA LT.
  2. Or follow the script down below to turn your sound off. (This works only with the newer versions of ICHAT-Servers)


.Menu Bar
Left click on the triangle on the menu bar

A pulldown menu will apear.

Click on Options

An other pull down menu will apear.

If " Play sounds send by others" is marked with a little V
then click on it.

If you have done everything correctly it will look like this.



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